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Adding a Rug to the Design of your Living Room

Posted on August 26, 2014 at 1:45 pm

Rugs were the in thing a decade or so ago, but they can actually be a unique addition today. Not many properties will have a rug over the top of their carpet, and that’s because carpets today are more stylish and there are more options.

Back in the day a rug would be used to merely cover up a stain, or add a bit of cosiness to wooden flooring, but having it as the centrepiece in your living room underneath a coffee table can be a nice touch.

If you have a large living room you may just want to have a rug that stands on its own, perhaps being situated by a stove or a fireplace, and there are plenty of modern and traditional designs to choose between. If you want to add some character to your property, then a rug may just do the trick, and it can really liven up your living room compared to just having a plain carpet.

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Best Fire Prevention with a SeceuroFire Flame Curtain

Posted on April 9, 2014 at 4:36 pm

Fire prevention is one of the measures that must not be snubbed in both residential and commercial places. Needless to say, fire can be extremely dangerous and can even amount to loss of lives. For this reason, it is the obligation of every person to ensure that proper measures to prevent fire damage are properly put in place and implemented.

The good thing is that there are a couple of avenues you can use to ensure that fire is contained and does not spread to the larger part of the affected place. However, not all the fire prevention avenues have utmost effectiveness. This means that you must be on the lookout for the ideal fire control measure.

One of the best ways to contain fire is by use of a SeceuroFire Flame Curtain. The curtain has been tested and proven to be very effective in preventing spread of fire in any place. The curtain is usually installed along any open route where fire can find way.

Here are reasons why you will like the Curtain:

Strong Boundary

One of the principal roles of this curtain is to create a boundary that will prevent fire from spreading out. You will definitely like the fact that the curtain indeed creates a strong boundary to ensure that fire is contained in one divide of the affected place. The curtain ensures that you do not suffer excessively from fire damage since some of the property in the premises will remain safe.

Important to note, the curtain has the capacity to withstand strong fire for a remarkably long time. It is designed in line with the modern technology hence it is of high quality. This brings about the clear cuts between other fire control methods and a seceuroFire Flame Curtain.

Perfect For Escape Routes

One of the reasons why fire breakouts results to loss of lives is lack of best escape routes. It is important to ensure that the escape route in the premises is protected and safe for use. A great way of ensuring a safe escape route is by installing a SeceuroFire Fame curtain. With this curtain, fire will be prevented from reaching the exit route hence any person in the affected premises can escape safely.

It is important to note that the positioning of this curtain matters a lot when it comes to fire spread prevention. This means that for you to create a safe escape route, you must install the curtain in the most convenient position. In other words, you should ensure that the escape route is not affected in any way.

No Design Compromise

Another great advantage attached to this fire prevention curtain is that it does not matter the kind of design you select. It simply matches any theme in the premises hence an ideal choice. Needless to say, selecting a curtain with regard to design can be totally daunting and intimidating. This is one thing that you will not experience with this fire flame curtain. It perfectly goes with large open plan offices which are used by a good number of people.

With the above crackdown, it is indisputable that a SeceuroFire curtain is a very important accessory especially for public places. It is an ideal way of reducing the effects of fire.

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